of a support for a loudspeaker mounted in a vehicle

Vehicle has loudspeaker mounted in air conditioning air channel so sound B60R11/02 B60H1/00 H04R5/02 (IPC1-7): H04R5/02 B60H1/00 B60K37

with vehicle mounted camera, which is extended in straight

2010519-The camera arrangement (1) is provided with a vehicle mounted camera (1.1), which is extended in a straight line between an end position and

Vehicle-mounted speaker device and door panel

B60J5/04; B60R11/02; H04R1/02; H04R5/02; B60R11/00; (IPC1-7):In addition, since a vehicle-mounted speaker device (front speaker or the


A vehicle-mounted display device comprising: a software switch area (19) having laminated therein, in order from a surface side towards a rear surface


(3L1-313, 3R1-3R3) disposed on a headrest (9) on the top of a In the vehicle-mounted three dimensional sound field reproducing unit according


20121220-G08G1/00; G09B29/00; B60R11/02; B60R16/02; G01C21/00; G01C21/4. The vehicle mounted control apparatus as claimed in claim 3, wherein

jürgen ellinger - Camera mounted in a vehicle

Camera mounted in a vehicleEP 1190907 A1 The camera (12) by means B60R11/00, G03B17/56, B60R11/04 B60R11/04

Vehicle-mounted equipment control apparatus

A vehicle-mounted equipment control system having a power state detecting unit for detecting whether a power of vehicle-mounted equipment is ON or OFF, a

Vehicle-mounted global position system (GPS) visible device

The utility model discloses a vehicle-mounted global position system (GPS) visible device which comprises a front camera, a mirror face, a liquid crystal

Method and system for inspecting a vehicle-mounted camera

An optical axis direction, a distance measurement accuracy and so on are efficiently performed for quality assurance of a vehicle-mounted camera in

Vehicle mounted computer hard disk and battery protection

The invention is a protection method for vehicle-mounted computer hardware and battery, the vehicle-mounted device of the method comprises a power unit, a

Vehicle-mounted GPS Pole Holder

International Classes: B60R9/00; B60R7/00; B60R11/00 View Patent Images:17. The vehicle-mounted pole holder of claim 16 wherein, the vehicle attac


Disclosed is a vehicle-mounted electric junction box which can house an antenna long enough to attain a gain without enlarging the electric junction box

Separation-type vehicle-mounted guiding system

The invention relates to a separation-type vehicle-mounted guiding system. The separation-type vehicle-mounted guiding system comprises a base (11), a

Vehicle mounted storage unit

A vehicle mounted storage unit, adapted to be mounted to a floor portion of a vehicle having a sidewall and a wheel well that extends outwardly from

Vehicle-mounted liquid crystal display device

The utility model relates to a vehicle-mounted liquid crystal display device which comprises a reformed panel frame of an original vehicle cool air window,