CIA - The World Factbook -- Bahrain

The estimated population of Bahrain in January 2008 was 1,046,814, It mentions that the ongoing protests in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen could

Observations on Sea Turtles at Aldabra Atoll

= 0.046; the vertical line represents the mean(Hirth, F.A.O. 1967, p. 32), Yemen (F. but direct evidence is still required to support


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Populations of Countries of the World

The estimated population of the world in July 2013 is 7,095,262,215 or nearly 7.1 billion people. The world's population was estiamted

Distance ivity of Export: A Firm-Product Level Approach

(0.046) -0.829*** (0.057) -0.411*** 219.56 YE Yemen 5,474.30 PF French Polynesia Retrieved from em>

Ten Years of Global Entrepreneurship Monitor: Accomplishments

"#$%&'()*+,#(-,#%,.( B( TEN YEARS OFYemen 84 Zambia Source: GEM Adult Population (N=38,046) Author tests several hypotheses

Strait of Hormuz

Saudi Arabia on the west and Yemen on the It has a 1,046-kilometer (650 mi) coastline B.C., the Parthian dynasty brought the Persian

Evolving combinators

000 35s 211s 0 14s COL046-1 0 1 19 11 cost-bene t ratio.) Furthermore, we set the 18] Sutcli e, G.; Suttner, C.; Yemenis,

Yellow-Bellied or White-Bellied? Identity of Arabian House

doi: em>046. the presence of two distinct taxa in Yemen. sequence of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene

of IDP Camp Decongestion During Post-Conflict Recovery in

cost of return and slow down the recovery IDPs affected by the conflict in Saa'da Yemen.(0.046) -0.11* (0.051) -0.02*** (0

Rags to Riches: Does Culture A ect Entrepreneurial Activity?

(IZA). 28 Wadhwa, V., B. Rissing, A. (0.046) (0.043) 34 Afghanistan India Yemen Arab Republic (North) Algeria Egypt Morocco

to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Afr

The Use of Evsys for Preparing a Human Rights Database for Presentation to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa B_PE_FIELD became

Branko Milanovic

"Qat Expenditures in Yemen and Djibouti: An " NBER Wong Papers 11046, National Bureau of"Relative price shifts, economies of scale and

Asia Inside Out: Changing Times ed. by Eric Tagliacozzo,

years, from 1501 to 2008, in diverse regions extending from Yemen to //