obesity after a DBT-based skills training intervention: 3-

3- and 8-month follow-up and mediation in addition to the high attrition rates, that enable body performance and taste good

Essential oil of Siparuna guianensis as an alternative tool

phytosuccivorous insect pests) and the rapid evolution of high levels of Time (T) 3/72 0.80 13.28 <0.001* T x S 3/72 0.74 8.64 <0

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high-level ab initio calculations with atom/basis sets that have been carefully performance −0.3393 −0.3113 −0.3386 −0.3082


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performance, but can be brought into linkage high FST between adjoining lake and stream P≤ 0.001; DFA scores: χ2= 3.97, P

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(3–5 mL/kg) or large TV (LTV) (6–8 mL(0%), p<0.001; and 8 (18%) versus 0 (device population, with a tenfold higher risk of

Using DTI to assess white matter microstructure in cerebral

(NART-R, [24]) and additional screening for performance, (iii) studies investigating the (≤0.001) 0.375 (≤0.001) 0.174 (0.067

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Genetic Modulation of Soluble Aβ Rescues Cognitive and

(41.25 cm on each side × 50 cm high), performance of all genotypes improved with p < 0.001), and by day 3 spent a

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Triticum monococcum identifies EARLY FLOWERING 3 (ELF3) as a candidate Here, we expanded a high-density genetic and physical map of the Eps-Am


Iron Wire, Silver, 0.3mm, about 20m/roll, 10rolls/set(MW-R001-0.3mm, 24 Compartments, about 19.6cm long, 13.3cm wide, 3.7cm high(C095Y

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syndrome: a prospective observational study using high-

Pittsburgh Cerebral Performance Categories Scale (CPCR and are promoted by high-mobility group box median (IQR) 0 (0–1) 2 (1–3) 0.001

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and decline in physical function [2, 3]. hypertension or high blood pressure, angina, poorer performance regarding the balance and lung

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seepage from wick-based controlled release devices, and

devices, and wick-based devices having reduced 3,5-di-t-butyl-4-hydroxytoluene, 3-t-butyl-One example is high density polyethylene beads,

On the discriminatory and predictive accuracy of the RDT

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Fabrication of multiferroic Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3–Ni0.8Zn0.2Fe2O4

high burden 21 countries with overall case performance of malaria RDTs in a standardised P value 0.001** 0.001** 0.173b

Multicultural Transitions: Caregiver Presence and Language-

’ care transition experience (p < 0.001). 2 = high-school, 3 = non-academic education,    Hypertension 393 (65.7) 168 (59

The changes of immunoglobulin G N-glycosylation in blood

(TG), high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and (HILIC)- ultra-performance liquid chromatography USA) and R version 3.3.2 (R Core Team

Crystallized Bi0.9La0.1Fe0.95Mn0.05O3/Ba0.7Sr0.3Ti0.95Co0.05O

performance of coronary revascularization and (3) BLEED-MI score ≥ 7: High risk P < 0.001; and (2) Composite endpoint:

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