for separation of SF6 from CF4 /air-containing gas stream

2002521-A method and apparatus for the separation and recovery of SF.sub.6 from a gas mixture consisting essentially of SF.sub.6, CF.sub.4, and

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The fluorination of the polymer polyethylene terephthalate in plasma created from SF6 or CF4 gas at various pressures was investigated. The surface was


A mixture of acetylene (C2H2) and carbon tetrafluoride (CF4) gas was high mechanical properties and easy processability with respect to other

spark decomposition of SF6 and 50% SF6 + 50% CF4 mixtures

on the spark decomposition of SF6 and 50% SF6 + 50% CF4 mixturesThe gaseous by-products , , , , , , and were assayed by gas

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Nanotubes by CF4 Plasma Treatment for SF6 Decomposition

Equipment & System Security and New Technology, (SF6) is used as a gas medium in gas- whereas CF4- and SF6-treated CNTs are highly

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- GRU-4 Series - SF6 Gas Recovery Unit by Corporation. ’s latest SF6 Gas Recovery Unit incorporates a new and improved

Silicon Nanostructuring Using SF6/O2 Downstram Plasma Etching

4 it can be produced by Si surface etching SF6/O2 plasma mixture, and on the relationship while the flow rate of O2 gas was varied as

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200751- For initial setting into operation of the SF6 CF4 gas mixtures (option) Measuring range: 0.3 and repair works on electrical equipment

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The design and use of equipment and installations applying SF6 gas or SF6/CF4 gas mixtures have been considered in Sect.  12.2and Part C of this

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9 UNIT 1660 MFC, UFC-1660, CF4, H2, Cl2, N2, HBr, SF6, different gas range. in Business, Office & Industrial, Electrical & Test Equipment,

Eight Single Gases He, N2, O2, Xe, CO2, CH4, CF4, and SF6

This paper addresses the laminar boundary layer flow of selected binary gas mixtures along a heated flat plate. To form the binary gas mixtures, light


mixture of liquid feeds and a vacuum is applied(U.S. Pat. No. 4,929,358); polyester imide to facilitate the casting process and equipment

dielectric breakdown properties in 50%SF6-50%CF4mixtures

Chemistry studies of SF6/CF4, SF6/O2 and CF4/O2 gas phase during em>vacuum.2014.03.003Get rights and


These breakers utilize a gas mixture of SF6 and CF4 or SF6 and N2 to prevent condensation of the SF6 gas and have been type tested at -50oC to

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Jong Suk Lee's 127 research works with 1,722 citations and 4,349 reads, including: Sharkskin-Mimetic Desalination Membranes with Ultralow Biofouling

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Solubility of Gases in Liquids. 20. Solubility of He, Ne, Ar,

Apparatus and Plant Equipment Cement, Concrete, CF4, and SF6 dissolved in several homologous nproperties of the gases and n-alkanes are

A. B. C.CF4CH4

gas by removing a metal component from a CF4, SF6 and BF3, and contains hydrogen although its equipment is complicated and large,

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V. Grill's 62 research works with 1,388 citations and 915 reads, including: Surface-Induced Dissociation and Chemical Reactions of C2D4+ on Stainless

"The Solubility of Gases in Liquids 9. Solubility of He, Ne,

CO2, CH4, CF4, and SF6 in some Dimethylcyclohexanes at 298 to 313 Kmixtures of cis-+ trans-1,3-dimethylcyclohexane and cis- + trans-1,4-

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equipment which can do any one of the followingHexafluoride (SF6) Circuit Breakers Vacuum Circuit N2- SF6 and CF4- SF6 gas mixtures use may

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etch using SF6/C4F8/Ar gas mixtures: Journal of Vacuum

Silicon etch using SF6/C4F8/Ar gas mixtures Journal of Vacuum Science & CF2, C2, C3, and CS as a function of the percentage C4F8 in the

Electron swarm coefficients in SF6 and CF4 gas mixtures from

the electron swarm parameters such as effective ionization coefficient, , drift velocity and diffusion coefficient of SF6 and CF4 gas mixtures


vacuum and abatement system fouling using a equipment using existing plasma discharge equipment,gas such as F2, NF3 or SF6 into the PECVD

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specialized in manufacturing electronic gas(SF6 gas),high purity gas and kinds of specialty gas and types of steel cylinders,such as SF6,CF4,NH3,HCL,

Breakdown characteristics of SF6 /CF4 mixtures in 25.8 kV

SF<sub>6</sub> gas has excellent dielectric strength, but it causes global warming about 23900 times more than CO<sub>2</

field breakdown characteristics of SF6/CF4 mixtures at

The breakdown and the corona inception voltages experiments of SF<sub>6</sub>/CF<sub>4</sub> mixtures in non-uniform

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