High-efficiency two-dimensional Ruddlesden–Popper perovskite

201676-High-efficiency solution-processed perovskite solar cells with millimeter-scale S. & Shafarman, W. N. Thin-film solar cells: device measu

High-efficiency white organic light-emitting diodes using

100% internal phosphorescence efficiency in an organic light-emitting device Sachse, S. Mehra, A. Salleo, M. D. McGehee, M. C. Gather, B

High-efficiency solution-processed perovskite solar cells

2018917-High-efficiency solution-processed perovskite solar Fig. 2 Solar cell device architecture and performanc

TLV62568 1A High Efficiency Step-down Buck Converter in SOT23

The TLV62568 device is a synchronous step-down buck DC-DC converter optimized for high efficiency and compact solution size.

High-Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells With Boron Loca_

201611-high-efficiency SPP couplers with deep-suavelengthdevice configuration (Figure 1b) in which a Kim S, Jin J, Kim YJ, Park IY, Kim Y e

A High Efficiency Voltage Regulator_

An amplifier circuit having a high linearity mode of operation and a high efficiency mode of operation. The amplifier circuit comprises an amplifier having

High efficiency photocatalytic hydrogen production over

2018823-High efficiency photocatalytic hydrogen production over ternary Cu/TiOHongjuan Wang, associate prof., received her B.S. degree in Fine Ch

A high-efficiency CMOS voltage doubler - IEEE Journals &

A high-efficiency CMOS voltage doubler Abstract: A charge pump cell is Page(s): 410 - 416 Date of Publication: Mar 1998 ISSN Information:

High Efficiency Image File Format - Wikipedia

2018316-^ Jump up to: a b c "High Efficiency Image File Format". Apple. June"Apple Endorses New Image Format, HEIF". Retrieved 31 October 2017. ^

Light-induced lattice expansion leads to high-efficiency

cells; silicon; heterojunctions; high efficiency Nicolay, B. Paviet-Salomon, L.-L. Senaud, Device physics underlying silicon heterojunction and

Broadband high-efficiency dielectric metasurfaces for the

2016920-Broadband high-efficiency dielectric metasurfaces forwavefronts (5) while circumventing Ohmic losses